The app may use Admob service to serve ads. These ads may include personalized advertising. In personalized advertising, Google may use advertising ID from your device to target ads according to interests, demographics and other data. You can opt out or change your ads personalization settings in your phone's settings or at the following link -

If you want to find more informations about Google's advertising technologies, check out the following link. Here can you also find additional information on how to opt-out of personalized advertising on various platforms.

For more information about Admob, please see the following link -

Also please see Google's Privacy & Terms for more details -


I use Firebase Analytics and Crash Reporting services. These services may use device identifiers (e.g. Android Advertising ID, Advertising Identifier, Instance ID) to generate analytics and crash reports.

For more detailed information on what data is collected in Analytics see - Analytics keeps data associated to ID for 60 days and keeps aggregate reporting data without automatic expiration. Crash Reporting retains crash stack traces for 180 days.

You can opt-out of these services by uninstalling the app.

For more information about privacy and security in Firebase see -

Local storage

The app may store some information on device's persistent storage, e.g. information related to app settings, or temporary files that enable various functionality of the app. However, these information are kept on the device and are not sent anywhere.

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This privacy policy is subject to change and the last time it was updated on May, 21st, 2018.